What’s the Advantage?
Through the Advantage Network, we’re giving you full access to our extensive portfolio of luxury properties and their residents, providing you with an uncompromised channel to reach high-quality, local customers. For a low annual fee of $99, your business will be introduced to an entirely new, niche marketplace. In this space, you have the opportunity to create unique and diverse offers in order to drive traffic to your business, and start building long-lasting and invaluable relationships with your new customers.
About BuildingLink

BuildingLink is the market leader in property management software. Our innovative web-based management and communications tool is an everyday necessity for property managers not only in the U.S., but around the globe.

We are committed to delivering the ultimate experience in management efficiency. As a result, we’re creating an open and communicative environment for the residents, and building an amazing community in each property.

Based in New York, NY, we are a team of 50 people actively working on offering our customers the best possible software and service there’s out there.