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"Frequently Asked Questions"
Where will my Special Offer be displayed?

Your Advantage offer will be prominently displayed on the user interface that our clients generally interact with several times daily (see graphic below) under the specific heading of the type of business / service you are providing (ex. Wine / Liquor, Pet Services , Floral, Restaurants, etc.). When the hundreds of thousands of BuildingLink residents (over 130,000 in Manhattan alone!) are looking for a product and/or service that you provide, they will easily be able to take "advantage" of your offer.

Other than the small enrollment fee, are there any additional hidden or "recurring" charges?

Absolutely NOT! Again, we are not selling anything. The purpose of the Advantage program is primarily to offer our residents an added value benefit - while simultaneously offering you the opportunity to grow your business.

Can I pay an additional fee to place a nice big advertisement, in addition to my special offer?

Sorry, not at this time. We value our residents' experience greatly, and as the gatekeeper for their BuildingLink websites we are responsible to keep them from being bombarded with ads. A discrete and valuable special offer will be your best bet to show that you are trying to win their business.

How can I identify BuildingLink residents vs. "random" individuals attempting to use the Advantage program?

Many of our current vendors have found that simply posting a custom code in their offer (ex. 'Mention BuildingLink code # 3636', etc.) has proven to be the simplest and most effective method - especially if the resident is using an online ordering system. Other ways could be to have the resident print out a customized "offer certificate" from our site, or you could ask to be shown their "Resident Passport" ID card with the BuildingLink logo on it (*note - not all buildings provide these cards to residents*). We, at BuildingLink, will work with you to streamline and/or customize this process in accordance with what works best for you and your business model.