About BuildingLink

BuildingLink.com is the gold standard choice for property managers looking to upgrade the total experience of managing, working at, or living in their luxury residential properties. Our innovative web-based platform is currently used in over 3,000+ properties in the U.S. and worldwide, offering the ultimate in efficient management, flawless communication, and enhanced living experience for your residents. Our clients can be found near and far – in New York, Boston, Miami, Dallas, San Francisco, but also in Toronto, Melbourne, Tokyo and Singapore (Take a look at who's using BuildingLink.).

Our easy-to-use, paperless system aims to please everyone––property managers love us, residents love us, boards love us (See what our customers have to say.). And it's no wonder; we've carefully observed and analyzed all the ins and outs of residential building operations and obsessed over every detail of day-to-day operations with one question in mind: how can we make the management side of things seamless, efficient, fun, and incredibly easy while at the same time creating a "home" for residents that really feels like home––a place where their every need is catered to, but at no extra cost/time/stress for management and staff?

We have also become experts at adapting and integrating state of the art technology, bringing a bit of effortless magic to your management style. Mobile apps, biometric scanners, electronic key lockboxes, laminate ID card printers – whatever relevant technology you need – we have probably already woven it into our platform (Browse through our Technology & Innovation).

Customize it! Own it! Enjoy it! One annual fee gives you access to the complete suite of tools (no "a la carte" pricing here!) so you can feel free to experiment with all our features and choose which ones you want to use. Whether you choose just one, or use them all, we’ll help you customize and brand at every step of the way. (Yes, you can apply your own brand to our product!) We believe that our software isn't just about the nuts and bolts--it's about the experience of using it.

The end product (and we shouldn't say "end" because we are constantly evolving based on our own drive to offer our customers more and more and to tailor our product to their unique situations and feedback when we can) is a suite of tools that begins with efficient and accountable package tracking and keys security, and expands from there into every organizational, convenience-driven, community-building, communication-enhancing, personalization/luxury-aimed feature you could ever hope for.