Your Residents Will Experience a Better Run, More Responsive, and Friendlier Building

From package tracking to keys left for friends and relatives, to building notices posted to swift repairs to direct to cell phone emergency broadcasts—BuildingLink makes every facet of building life easier, more practical, more transparent and harmonious.

Beyond Package Tracking

Place maintenance requests, send instructions to doormen, download documents, check the bulletin board for new activities, join a carpool and find new local merchants in the area. These are just a few of the many components that make up the BuildingLink resident experience.

Expect Efficiency

No more misplaced requests. No sticky notes on mailboxes or notes taped to the door. Your residents' link to the people they need in your building is direct. They'll get answers to questions, the paperwork they need and a closer relationship with staff and neighbors.

A New Building Environment

Buildings have stress levels. Our website puts less pressure on residents, their neighbors, and your building staff creating an entirely new atmosphere. While each individual tool they use revolutionizes their tasks and chores, the integration of all the tasks will revolutionize the way they live.

Resident Apps

BuildingLink is always at your residents' fingertips with our residents iPhone and Android apps. Wherever they are, they'll be able to place work requests, check the bulletin board, know when their packages arrive, see who has their keys, etc.