This is the Support behind BuildingLink.

Frequently Asked Questions and Troubleshooting

The FAQ contains solutions to common questions about username / password problems, common internet browser issues, and email notification settings info. Please review the Frequently Asked Questions page before using the Request Technical Support form.

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Technical Support

For issues that need more detailed attention, complete our Request Technical Support form. A member of our expert Support Staff will attempt to identify and troubleshoot your issue. You can also contact our Support Staff directly by email at or by phone at (877) 501-7117, extension 0.

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Help Database

The Help Database for Property Managers and Staff contains information related to all the modules. For Residents, the Help Database offers overviews on the various resident functions. Both guides are useful references to help you get the maximum benefit from the BuildingLink platform.

For Property Staff For Residents

Browse and learn more about our available hardware products -- signature pads, barcode and fingerprint scanners, monitors -- that interface with BuildingLink and enhance your property management experience.

This is the team behind Support.

Creatives. Educators. Musicians. And engineers! The Support Team is a collection of unique backgrounds gathered to help you.

Every person on our Support Team trains on continuously. This keeps our team current on every component of the platform to give you the best solution for your property and your residents.

And the Support Team doesn't just help our customers --- they help the developers, too. All of our support people share the issues you call in about that could use some attention. From optimizing existing functions to sparking ideas for new modules, the Support Team helps keep running... and growing!

Find out how our Support team views the BuildingLink platform
and what drives them to provide you with world-class assistance day after day.
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