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Welcome to BuildingLink Labs — your sneak preview of the inner workings of, the ultimate in property management operations software.

Here at BuildingLink Labs, you'll get an advance look at what our engineers and thinkers are currently developing. Their creations and collaborations are cutting-edge (and cool), so go ahead — explore BuildingLink Labs and discover the exciting projects we have in the works.
ConciergeLink: Featuring fast and bulletproof local storage

Web browsers are good enough most of the time, but they're not good enough for your critical use situations. For those use cases, we have been building ConciergeLink!

ConciergeLink features a powerful, locally-installed touchscreen-optimized console and database that handles the bulk of your front desk operations and manages Internet connectivity and database syncing in the background, bulletproofing the front desk from Internet interruptions or slow speeds. Read more...

BuildingLink Connector

Have you ever called a tech-savvy friend to help troubleshoot temperamental hardware? Or maybe you just wish a member of our Support Staff could attend your front desk 24/7?

Meet Connector, our solution to temperamental peripherals and the irritating error messages they cause. Connector is a lightweight program with one goal: to diagnose hardware issues and get your peripherals up and running in no time. It lives on your computer, so it’s close to the action, always ready to help diagnose and fix hardware issues the second they pop up. Read more...

Introducing... ImageR!

The way you track incoming packages has just gotten smarter with GEO's latest module: ImageR -- our new barcode-scanning-text-recognizing-event-recording utility!

BuildingLink's Alexa Skill Update

BuildingLink team members demonstrate their favorite Alexa Skills that allow you to communicate with BuildingLink so much easier!

Aware! by BuildingLink: Fitness Center Solution!

Watch the introductory video for our new Aware! by BuildingLink Fitness Center Solution (Aware-FC). We hope it makes you just as enthusiastic about Aware-FC as we are! BONUS: Watch the Aware-FC Fitness Center Installation video!

Aware! By BuildingLink and Sensor Solutions Kits

Aware! by BuildingLink is a special initiative we’re working on to make residential buildings intelligent — one smart sensor at a time. Read more...

Can your fitness center "talk?" Now it can!

See what happens when we hook up an Amazon Echo to our sensor solutions kit.

Companion App: Less typing frees up your Front Desk staff

How much "stuff" entered by your front desk staff could really be better entered by the people facing them? Residents signing for packages. Visitors needing to be announced. Contractors or Service Providers "signing in." Fedex or UPS picking up outgoing packages.

Wouldn't it be great if you could shift that input work forward? BuildingLink Companion is our work-shifting solution — it's a resident-facing Android tablet that can pair with your front desk's computers and allow residents or visitors to work in tandem with your staff in real time. We're designing Companion to be a "second set of hands" in your lobby that reduces your front desk staff's keyboard workload and enhances their service response time. Read more...

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