Customer Comments

"I cannot imagine managing a property without BuildingLink. This is the first time I have worked with a program that everybody finds helpful—from the residents, to the management, non-resident owners, Board of Directors, and staff. In my over twenty years managing community associations, I have never used such an outstanding business tool to such great effect."
Gregory B., Manager
22 West
"Wow! This website is phenomenal and just plain outstanding. I love it."
The Residence Park Place
"All apartment complexes should use BuildingLink. It is a fabulous, easy system."
Beatrice K., Staff
The Georgian
"It’s been long in coming —— I am delighted."
Edgewater Beach
"I am always impressed with the professionalism of your organization and applaud this fantastic product, without which I would probably walk off the job!"
Paul Hallam, Manager
Chastleton Cooperative Association
"This application is FANTASTIC. Every building should have it, or they are not keeping up with the way things should be done."
"We started using BuildingLink in our properties in 2009. Management has found it to be a terrific tool. We especially like how the work order program constantly updates the resident on the status of their work order. We also like the ability to scan packages we receive on behalf of residents (and the automatic notification to the tenant they have a package) into BuildingLink instead of using a hand written log. Residents sign the digital signature pad when picking up their package and the entire transaction including the shippers tracking number is recorded in BuildingLink. But most important is the positive feedback we have received from the residents about our ability to instantly communicate with them using BuildingLink."
Dave Perlmutter
Off-Site Management
"BuildingLink proved absolutely instrumental when I first moved into my new apt and was in need of some furniture. Using the app's Marketplace feature, I was able to furnish my entire apartment - from bed to kitchen island!"
20 Exchange Place
"Building Link is the hottest, most eco-friendly and current way to communicate with your residents. I absolutely love it! Last weekend our hot water went out and I was able to send an email blast to all the residents, letting them know we were aware, and update them about the repair. BuildingLink is an excellent tool—paperless and speedy, it’s the way the world communicates today."
Maya L., Manager
Windsor At The Gramercy
"I love so much about BuildingLink—the notification system, the ease of communicating with staff and neighbors, the ability to track requests that I make, the ease of finding building documents—I could go on and on."
La Tour
"Your staff rocks! Never a problem. Never heard them say, "we can’t." Kudos and thank you."
John R.
"The repair request submission process is so easy to use and simplifies my life. LOVE it."
Tahiti Marina
"I love it. It’s the best thing that could have happened for Kat City Vista. It’s just easy access to everything—it’s user friendly and residents love it."
LaShaun B
Manager K at City Vista
"We use the [BuildingLink] program so much and it is so integral to our operations that my resident orientations have essentially turned into a demonstration showing how we use BuildingLink here."
Gregory Brooksher, Manager
22 West
"I wholeheartedly recommend the BuildingLink platform to any property that is looking to improve resident communication, streamline operations, and create a better sense of community."
Lisa Van. H, Manager
Eagle Point at Cahoon Plantation
"We have eliminated practically all hand written logs, calendars, and work requests. We now have all log histories at our fingertips (as opposed to going through dog-eared log books.) We are eagerly awaiting the release of your key- drawer system, which will further streamline our operation. I was a little apprehensive about some of our employees who are not very computer literate but they were able to adapt to the new system in no time at all. BuildingLink has been a wonderful addition."
Kenny Shane, Manager
Liberty House
"This app is brilliant. Simple and brilliant. For example, I can see if I have a package waiting for me at the front desk in the same way I see if there’s a new mail. I can add work orders, front desk instructions, all on the go and all within a very intuitive interface."
33 West End Ave
"In my 25 years of property management, I have never felt so prepared and organized as we went into contract negotiations."
Jay Fingerman, Manager
Sovereign Apartments, Inc.
"Ronni and I moved in here in August and love it! This BuildingLink is a great tool for building community and sharing information. Great job!"
Skyview On The Hudson
"The only thing I love more than BuildingLink is my son. "
Sandy-Lee R., Manager
Senate Square
"BuildingLink is the best service we ever had. It is so great. We love it very much!"
Turnberry Towers
"I am very, very satisfied with the fast customer service help. I had an issue at 10:30 pm on a Friday night before a holiday weekend. I emailed my problem to the support address and I had a response, and help fixing the issue almost instantly— about 5 minutes later!"
Nancy C.
Off-site management