Frequently Asked Questions

So after four years of KeyLink installations in the "real world", how is it going?

It's going great! The rollout and installation of our first KeyLink systems four years ago went well with just a few wrinkles, and we ironed those out. Fast forward to today ... we are now getting ready for our fourth production run! We are really pleased with what we have created, and we thank you, our many customers, for pushing us to undertake its creation.

Do you feel comfortable sharing with us some real numbers?

Sure. During the first few months, we were installing one system per month to our first beta users, to give us time to deal with any glitches. We are now installing new systems at the rate of 5-6 per week, which is a pace we feel comfortable with for now. We have installed 495 systems to date, and have a queue of 45 additional orders that are awaiting installation. (And we haven't done any advertising!) Oops, correction: Make that 502 installs now!

If I place my order today, when could I expect installation?

If you do the math (# of order in the queue divided by 6 installs a week) you will see that you can expect around a one month wait from when you place your order, as of right now. In emergencies, we can install within a week or less - but please don't cry "Wolf" or "Fire" if it isn't a real emergency, because we want to be fair to customers who have placed their orders earlier.

Do BuildingLink customers have priority on the KeyLink installation queue?

Absolutely! In fact, right now, we are not even accepting orders from non-BuildingLink customers, until such time when our BuildingLink customers' needs are met.

Noteworthy Installations

Our largest install:

Silver Towers
610/620 West 42nd Street
Installation of a 10-drawer 1,400-key system, spread across three locations.

Our quickest install:

105 West 29th St 25th Floor
Rapid install and commissioning of a 420-key system within one week of order being placed.
"A unique element that distinguishes KeyLink is its flawless integration with BuildingLink, making it quick and easy for management to learn about the latest key activity or update employee permissions from any web browser. We cannot imagine opting for any alternative system."

Ben Sloan
General Manager
The Beatrice

Our most recent install:

The Beach Residences
1 Drawer, 224 Key System
"Who says change isn’t easy? Easy-to-use KeyLink certainly seems to be the exception to this rule! Everyone on my Loss Prevention team & the Management team welcome this addition to the security of our operation. We can now sleep better at night knowing all masters, sub masters, and fobs are safe and secure, and that there is now accountability built in to our security process. We’ve already been using BuildingLink successfully for many years now, and having KeyLink has only strengthened our appreciation of this product line."

Mark H.
Loss Prevention Supervisor
Ritz Carlton Residences

Our latest "replacement" install:

The Empire Condominium
188 East 78th Street
Replacement of a 9-year old KeyTrak* system with a 140-key KeyLink system.
"Installing Keylink has helped the efficiency of my Lobby staff. Most important, it has tightened up our security. Thanks for all your help."

Perry Krieger
Resident Manager
The Empire Condominium

Our farthest installs (from NY):

The Residences at The Ritz-Carlton, Toronto
3-drawer 420 key system
Central Park Hub (Australia)
1-drawer 140 Key System
APEX (Los Angeles, CA)
2-drawer 390 Key System
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*KeyTrak is a registered trademark of Key-Trak, Inc. Corporation