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Keep residents informed and at ease.

Our system automatically notifies residents of package deliveries, guests, key pickups, outages, and more - via text message, email, or directly on the BuildingLink app.

In case of an emergency, BuildingLink gives you the power to broadcast voice or text messages to all residents- at the click of a button.

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Keep your staff focused on what matters.

BuildingLink automatically alerts your staff about important events, and streamlines the flow of information between shifts, departments, and systems.

The digital shift log ensures that nothing falls through the cracks. Smart notifications keep everyone up-to-date on maintenance requests, amenity reservations, permission-to-enter instructions, and other requests. A centralized dashboard allows direct communication with all stakeholders, and access to all relevant documents in one place.

Give your residents a voice.

BuildingLink's new integration with Amazon Alexa lets your residents access your building's information, book amenities, and complete other tasks using their own voice!

Coupled with our Aware family of sensors, your staff and residents can access to data and services with unprecedented ease. Read more in BuildingLink Labs.

Ready to run better?

We work day and night to empower the world's best-run buildings. Let us show you how.