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ImageR: powerful package-tracking solution in your pocket.

Speed up package tracking with ImageR, a new feature inside the GEO® by BuildingLink app for building staff (Available for Android and IOS). ImageR uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and AI to read and record writing on package labels, scan tracking numbers from barcodes and match the carrier type, and find the recipient in your resident list.

Just tap the ImageR icon and point the camera at the shipping label. That's it! ImageR works like magic, taking a multi-step process and reducing it to just one-snapping an image of the label.

Mobile app

If it's in the building, it's in BuildingLink.

BuildingLink is the easiest way to track packages - from the moment they enter your building, until they're safely in your residents' hands.

Scanned packages automatically go into the system, triggering a notification to the resident. Once the resident has retrieved it, their signature and other relevant details are logged in the system for future reference.

The right tools make all the difference.

BuildingLink's optional hardware add-ons streamline your operations: our barcode scanner makes it easy to enter package data directly into the system and our signature pad keeps a record of all delivery confirmations.

Mobile app Signature Barcode Reader

Everything in its place. Everyone at ease.

BuildingLink's branded public displays and notifications keep residents informed and - more importantly - knowing that everything is under control.

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